So this is the Beginning


Hello my name is Tammy Mahon I am a 50 something year old single woman and I am embarking on an adventure. This is just the beginning, I am planning to Follow the Sun for as long and far as I can. I am going to save every penny I can over the next two years and I am going to buy a plane ticket and I am going to fly far away from my hum drum life.

I am very scared about this whole idea, but I am going to take the bull by the horns and see what happens.  The worst case scenario is I don’t enjoy the solo life or I run out of money or ????? If that happens I will come home with my tail between my legs and get a job and start again. I will however come back with a lot of new stories to tell and hopefully a new group of friends to add to my friends list.

This is not an easy decision to make as you can probably imagine. I have just started on a new career in Nursing at the ripe old age of 50, so I will be giving up a well paid full time position to run away. Some people will think I am crazy, others will applaud my decision and wish they could come with me.

My reasons for doing this are vague I am not sure why I have decided this is a good decision. I am finding I am not as satisfied with my career as I thought I would be, so I have fallen back on my only real passion- Travel.

I was a late comer to travel my first overseas trip was only back in 2005, I have always travelled with tour companies. Albeit overland tour companies, so no real luxuries when I travel, its usually a tent and a camp chair. It does have the comfort of being organised with a driver and a tour guide so this is the scary part for me.

So this is the beginning over the next two years YES I will be saving like a tight you know what. I will however be doing lots of other stuff as well, this blog is one of them. I am not that savvy with technology but I am venturing forth to try to learn. I will be also doing a TESOL course so that I can teach English to Speakers of Other Languages. I am also going to do a Front of house course, and perhaps a bar course. Any other ideas you can think of please feel free to suggest to me.  Oh and of course I will continue to TRY to learn Spanish.

That’s right I have decided that South America will be my first port of call. At this stage it is all by the seat of my pants, There is No Real Plan. That will happen over the next two years, with research, research, research. I am spending multiply hours in front of my new little computer at the moment. Looking at other peoples blogs, researching accommodation ideas, transport, airfare options. The list is huge and I am feeling quiet confused and sometimes feel like the room is spinning. It will all come together. I will share my ideas and thoughts over the next two years, and then while I am away you can perhaps “Follow the Sun” with me. Share in my adventures and my disappointments, learn with me as I journey around the world.

I have time.


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