Africa 2005

I thought I might give you a bit of a look at what kind of travel I have been doing over the past ten years. This next two years are going to be a bit lean on holidays and a bit heavy on learning curves. So I though instead of boring you totally with just the technical and menial stuff we could also look back at my past adventures.


I flew into JOBURG airport and through my window I saw the most amazing sunrise I had ever seen in my entire life.

Sunrise in Africa

I believed coming here was Fate.

I had organised a transport to my backpacker accommodation, they drove me about 45 min through town to the outskirts. On the drive I noticed the busy city, the opulent mansions with massive fences, I also noticed the electrified wire around the fences. As we got farther out of the city the houses got smaller and the fences got shorter and now they were topped with glass. Farther still the houses were shacks and the fences were barbed wire. Oh and there was a dead guy in the gutter.

“Culture shock!”

When I got to the backpackers the van drove away, I buzzed at the gate and they opened it from inside. I was let into a section with another gate, basically I was now in a cage. While I stood there waiting for the next gate to open, I noticed someone looking out the window to see who was at the gate, then they let me in.

“Security system”

First stop was Kruger National Park that’s right probably one of the most famous wild life parks in the world and I WAS THERE. Everything about Africa is bigger, brighter, shinier and more dangerous. When we left Joburg we had an issue with the truck its alternator was playing up so we couldn’t stop it or it wouldn’t restart without being pushed. We are in the middle of Kruger NP with signs everywhere stating ‘you are not allowed out of your vehicle’ because of the lions. Makes sense its a wildlife park. Our driver forgot about the alternator and stopped the truck!

So we are all there looking at each other thinking to ourselves “I’m not going out there to push the damn thing”. So the tour guide climbs up into the back of the truck and says, okay all the guys need to get out of the truck and push, while the girls stay in the truck and keep watch for any movement in the bush. That was the fastest push start in history.

We did see what we came for though “The Big Five” in case you don’t know what that is:




Cape Buffalo


The Leopard however escaped our eyes this time, and actually to this day I have still not seen a leopard in the wild. It is still on my list and when I go back again (and I will) I will see a leopard.

The Hippo, Gorilla, Giraffe and the Cheetah did not make it to the list and this is because, this list was originally made by the Big Game Hunters, it was a kill list.


I spent three weeks in Africa with an overlands tour company, we started in Johannesburg South Africa up through Mozambique across into Zimbabwe and then Zambia and Botswana and back to Joburg.  Every night you put up your tent and  every morning you took it down, you slept on a self inflating mattress on the ground. The truck had a driver/cook and a guide they were great, very knowledgeable and looked after us. We had some long drive days and I swear every road in Mozambique was one big pot hole, but it was an amazing experience. I was in love I never wanted to travel anywhere else. I just wanted to come back again and again.

Island off the coast of Mozambique
Chobe National Park


Okavango Delta

I will continue this story if your interested over the next couple of years, after all we haven’t even left South Africa yet.


Highlights of the tour

  • Botswana • Okavango Delta • Canoeing and Game Walks • Maun • Chobe National Park • Chobe River Cruise and Game Drive Zimbabwe • Victoria Falls Town • Bulawayo • Matobos National Park • Antelope Park • Lion Walk Mozambique • Vilanculos • Dhow Safari • Bazaruto Archipelago • Inhambane • Ponta da Barra Beaches • Maputo South Africa • Kruger National Park • Johannesburg

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